Thursday, June 30, 2016

Signs Your Harmonic Scalpel Needs Repair

The electronic scalpel is one of the most transformative innovations in surgery of the past few decades. It makes surgery more accurate and quick for so many surgeons and their patients. However, even an expensive and precise tool like the harmonic scalpel doesn’t last forever. Before your scalpel goes out mid-surgery and potentially leads to more complications, watch for signs it’s in need of repair.

Wear and Tear
An Ethicon harmonic scalpel is made to last a long time, but any signs of wear and tear warrant a closer examination, even if the scalpel otherwise seems to be functioning outwardly. Chips, scratches and any frays in the cord require a closer examination by professionals with expertise in repairing over 20,000 such models in less than two decades.

Unexplained Hiccups
If your scalpel works without incident most of the time but on occasion has unexplained hiccups — suddenly cutting out the power or taking a while to start up, for example — it’s always worth having a professional examine it to see what could be causing the issue. With our unique testing process, the expert repair people at Benjamin Biomedical will get to the root of the problem and make sure the occasional hiccups don’t grow more frequent.

You value your electronic scalpels precisely because they offer a level of precision that’s difficult to match with manual tools. If you notice a lack of precision — if it’s slipping even slightly in quality — there could be something wrong with the blade or the system as a whole.
Contact Benjamin Biomedical about your potentially failing harmonic scalpel today. We work quickly to ensure you get your tool back in time for more surgery, and we offer free work order application processing so you know right upfront how much repairing instead of replacing your electronic scalpel will save your medical practice.

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